Dear Raghuvanshi Brothers, Sisters, and Respected Elders

The Annual General Meeting of Shree Lohana Mahajan Leicester CIO and Leicester Mahajan Trust will be held on 22nd May 2022 at 2pm,
at Gheewala Lohana Centre, Hildyard Road, off Ross Walk, Leicester LE4 5GG 
Please bring your paid membership card to enable you to vote

The first meeting to be of Shree Leicester Mahajan Trust:
1) Prayers and condolences 
2) Welcome and annual report by Chairperson of Leicester Mahajan Trust
3) Presentation of the accounts of Leicester Mahajan Trust
4) Approval of the accounts to 31 December 2019; 2020 and 2021.    

Short Break
The second meeting of Shree Lohana Mahajan Leicester CIO:
1) Welcome and annual report by the Chairman of CIO.
2) Approval of the Minutes of the last AGM after any amendments.
3) Matters Arising.
4) Report from the President of Leicester Lohana Mahajan CIO
5) Report from the Secretary of Leicester Lohana Mahajan CIO 
6) Annual report of Shree Ram Mandir 
7) Annual report of Shree Mahila Mandal
8) Treasurer’s report, and approval of annual accounts to 31 December 2019, 2020, and 2021. 
9) A.O.B. with the permission of the Chair (Please email any questions to by 15th May 2022)
10) Election as per Nominee List of Trustees and Management Committees. – List is available to view/download on our website until 22nd May 2022. 
11) Appointment of the Independent Examiner.

Please download the following documents by clicking on the link to our website Agenda
Last AGM’S Minutes and Appendices shall not be read at the AGM and will instead be uploaded to our Lohana community website.

The President’s, Secretary’s, Ram Mandir’s and Mahila Mandal’s Reports are on our website and will not be read at the AGM.
Given time constraints, no questions will be received from the floor on the 22nd of May 2022 at the AGM.
However, as an alternative, any members with any questions or queries( including those pertaining to Accounts) are welcome to email these to by 15th May 2022.  

Nominee Lists of candidates for Trustees and the management committees’ positions as well as accounts for years ending 31st December 2019, 2020, and 2021
are available on our website.  

Due to numerous requests by the existing management committee of the CIO to reduce the number of positions on the management committees (Ram Mandir and Mahila Mandal), The Board of Trustees has decided to fulfill these requests in the interest of increasing efficiency and cohesion within and across the committees.  

Prakashbhai Bhojani (Chair of the Board of Trustees CIO)
Avniben Lakhani (Chair to the Board of Trust Deed)